Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fail to plan - plan to fail

The last time I started here... wait. Two times. The last two times I started, I had no goal. No purpose. No ideas. I was going to write about how I felt. It didn't end well because how I feel is really not something I want to share most of the time, and furthermore it really isn't important in the grand scheme of things. To quote a friend, "feelings are not important."

Obviously they are on some matters. I like feelings. I like having them. But feelings don't change the world, or God for that matter. God will exist and continue to exist no matter how I feel about it. I really like that about God. His existence and love for us is completely independent of how we feel about it! (See, I did sneak some feelings in there).

So my new goal is not all about me. My goal is to talk about God, because that's truth and truth is very important. It is the only important thing. And a lot of people don't understand truth. All truths are not created equal! For instance, the truth to one person may be that God does not exist. They are allowed that opinion, but it is not as true as the opinion God does exist. He either does exist or He doesn't exist. It cannot possibly be both.

Where can we find out what truth is? Scripture; and if you're Catholic, the Catholic Church. But it doesn't really matter if you're Catholic, or at least not for this blog. Regardless, I'll probably be focusing more on Scripture because I LOVE it.

I am currently reading the Bible through with the commentary provided by Navarre. The goal is to get done by September. I'm in 1 Kings. I have a spreadsheet to track my progress, obviously. After that I'm looking at an online Bible certificate course, but we'll have to see...

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