Friday, April 9, 2010

7 Quick Takes (1)

1.  On Fridays, I may try and participate in the 7 Quick Takes, hosted by Conversion Diary.  How this works is I write this post and use the graphic above to link back to her 7 Quick Takes.  On her blog, I provide this entry and people who frequent her blog might stop by here to visit.  Hello new people!

2.  People who start here, as opposed to there, should go there to visit!  I really like that blog.  She's an atheist turned Catholic and on several of her entries, I've thought to myself, "Oh, I totally know that feeling."  Not the scorpions so much, but the God stuff.  She had a great post this week about miracles and the Church.

3.  The dogs are doing well.  Starbuck is certainly calmer now.  I assume she's tired from playing with Hercules.  Hercules figured out that the baby gate was nothing more than a noisemaker for a 50 lb dog and he's been sleeping outside since.  He also found a way into the garden so I had to build a better fence.

Free animals are never free, by the way.  I knew that already though with Starbuck.  Hercules forced me to buy and build a bigger fence.  Today I went out and got a gigantic bowl for water, since he drinks 2-3 times as much as her.

4.  This weekend marks the official start of camp season for me, even though we've been working on it for months at the executive level.  I'm the adult in charge of a week long teen leadership development camp held during the summer.  This weekend, the cadet (teen) in charge is selecting the rest of his staff using an objective, competitive process.  Should make for a long day tomorrow!

5.  The garden is also going well, though somehow the tent stakes I used to hold the cardboard on top keep popping out.  Just one or two.  One ended up outside the garden.  I don't know how this is happening.  There is no evidence either dog is going in there.  It is somewhat creepy.

I am (hopefully) growing potatoes, onions, and garlic.  Last year I attempted to grow the same three things and got two or three potatoes at harvest.  So any sort of harvest will likely be a success in comparison.

In case you're wondering, the cardboard on top has been cut to allow for planting but I leave the rest there to prevent weeds.  In theory, it should work.  If you could see it, you'd be able to tell I very anal retentively measured off the rows and plant distances and marked them on a grid.

6.  This week, I finished making a blanket for a friend who is having a baby soon.  I was a bit overeager on the first row, and so the final product turned out to be over 4 feet by 6 feet.  I told her it was because I thought she might get cold too!

7.  I'm caught back up in my goal of reading the Bible plus commentary by September 1st.  Yes, I do have a spreadsheet to track it,why do you ask?  I'm going to run into two problems.  First, Amazon no longer stocks what I want.  They have third parties that do, so they cost more.  Which leads into the second problem - I planned my reading schedule but did not plan the budgeting schedule.  I'm very particular about my budget (there is also a spreadsheet for it).  We shall see where that goes!  In the meantime, I'm in Psalms.

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  1. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Thank you for participating in 7QT's.