Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Changing Plans

As I've mentioned before, the plan was to finish reading the entire Bible + commentary by the start of September.  Unfortunately, I had made this plan without comparing it to my budget.  Commentaries aren't cheap, and then Amazon decided to stop stocking it themselves.  They usually have the cheapest books.  Anyway, I'm changing my plan to be to read the Old Testament and commentary by then, and hopefully can keep up on buying them.

Why do I bring this up?  A few years ago, I would have just bought them and hoped for the best.  I'd just buy it and try to spend less elsewhere.  Elsewhere was somewhat undefined and elusive though, so I ended up carrying some credit card debt and not really having a plan for my money aside for a few things I was intentionally saving for.  A friend (oddly enough one of the same friends that irritated me into reading the Bible) and I were discussing it one day, and although she didn't say it outright, I think she was surprised I was so unplanned with my money.  I was irritated (common reaction, apparently), and went to a Financial Peace intro class at church.

I did not sign up to take the class, as my oldest sister had previously explained the concepts.  The intro session was enough though.  It just had never occurred to me that my money was really God's money, and I was a steward.  I don't know why.  It makes sense.  God created everything, it all belongs to Him.  I'd already given Him myself and all that I did, why would the money not be part of the deal?  It is His, and I'm just borrowing it.

The Bible talks A LOT about money.  I've been reading Jesus talked about money more than He talked about Heaven and Hell combined (I didn't check myself, but He does talk about it quite a bit).  God clearly has a plan for our money, and how to use it, just like He has a plan for everything else.

Money can make an excellent servant, but is a poor master.  I don't chase money or things anymore, and am so much the happier for it.  So if I don't have the money to read the Bible and commentary by September, so be it.  I'll just spend more time as I go through.  Maybe that's the point anyway!

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