Monday, April 5, 2010

On evil

I try to keep this blog uplifting, but I have been greatly troubled about the news on my church of late.  The child molestation issues of several years past have returned anew with fresh charges of abuse decades ago.

On Friday, I overheard two other employees discussing the problem and their solution was for priests to marry as then they could have their fill of sex.  Out of all the married priesthood arguments I have ever heard, this is by far the worst.  Child molesters are evil, wicked, perverse people.  These men are doing the work of the enemy, and no amount of normal, heterosexual, married sex will satiate their desire to ruin children.  There is not a woman on the planet who is capable of turning off whatever switch is inside of them that draws them to the young.  Only God can turn that switch off, and only if they want and allow Him to.  God's ability to do that is unhindered by their job, their marital status, or which church they belong to.  The only thing that stands in the way is themselves.  I have known child molesters.  They were married.  They had plenty of sex.  And they still turned to children, because they are evil perverts.

This is an example of the damage that can be caused by a few.  Those evil men who have engaged in this practice cause the downfall of many who fall in faith after hearing of "holy" people, leadership examples, engaging in sin.  This is on top of the innocent children they initially defiled and probably led into a life of doubt and pain.  What a terrible tragedy for all involved!

I do not find the media's coverage of these events to be particularly useful in many ways, however.  This is the same media that sensationalized, rationalized, and propagated the attacks on Sarah Palin.  This is the same media who will happily provide violent and pornographic entertainment to the masses to keep them interested and their ratings up.  Their liberal coverage of these events, ignoring facts such as the rest of the population has these same perverts in them, stretching facts to make the story more interesting, and blaming as many people as possible also contributes to the damage already done.  Seriously, they "accidentally" had a headline claiming the Pope admitted to fondling boys!  How does one accidentally publish that the leader of more than a billion people admitted to something like that and not stop and re-read it?

I pray for the Catholic Church and all other churches that they may quickly find and expel all who intend to hurt children.  I pray for the victims of child abuse that they may find peace through Jesus.  I pray for all those whose faith has been shaken as a result of this or any other scandal in the church.  And I pray for the perpetrators themselves, that God may call them to repentance so that they are saved from eternal punishment for their actions.

If you are finding yourself only seeing the mainstream media's perspective on this, check out some of the following:
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