Monday, April 5, 2010

Wisdom 12

Looking at Wisdom 12:
  1. For thy immortal spirit is in all things.  
  2. Therefore thou dost correct little by little those who trespass, and dost remind and warn them of the things wherein they sin, that they may be freed from wickedness and put their trust in thee, O Lord.
  3. Those who dwelt of old in thy holy land
  4. thou didst hate for their detestable practices, their works of sorcery and unholy rites,
  5. their merciless slaughter of children, and their sacrificial feasting on human flesh and blood. These initiates from the midst of a heathen cult, 
  6. these parents who murder helpless lives, thou didst will to destroy by the hands of our fathers, 
  7. that the land most precious of all to thee might receive a worthy colony of the servants of God. 
  8. But even these thou didst spare, since they were but men, and didst send wasps as forerunners of thy army, to destroy them little by little, 
  9. though thou wast not unable to give the ungodly into the hands of the righteous in battle, or to destroy them at one blow by dread wild beasts or thy stern word. 
  10. But judging them little by little thou gavest them a chance to repent, though thou wast not unaware that their origin was evil and their wickedness inborn, and that their way of thinking would never change. 
  11. For they were an accursed race from the beginning, and it was not through fear of any one that thou didst leave them unpunished for their sins. 
I read this and was reminded of a recent conversation I had with a friend.  They'd been talking about generalizations about groups and how we're always told not to do that - and yet the Bible does all the time.  The Canaanites were generalized in the Old Testament and the Pharisees in the New.  Definitely in the case of the Pharisees, there were some that did not fit the generalized statements Jesus might make about them.

The more I read in the Old Testament, the more this I see this is true.  Entire nations are wiped out on account of being evil in their ways and ignoring the Lord.  Let's not forget the story of Noah when all but a very small family were taken out.  But even if you look at that story, the floods did not cause all to perish immediately.  There was time for individuals to repent, just as the Canaanites mentioned above.  No telling if they actually did, but time was on their side.

The downside to this realization was that the downfall of nations for being full of evil doers is also true.  Look at verses 5 and 6 above about the slaughter of children.  I find it quite chilling, given our current abortion figures in this country.

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