Sunday, May 16, 2010

An email conversation

I was emailing back and forth with a young lady about the Preparing To Be a Help Meet book and she wanted some examples of differences between worldly wisdom and Godly wisdom.  Below is an except of my response, with some edits.  These were just the first things I could think of; I am sure there are more.  Plenty more.

Here's an example:  The world tells me as a single woman I can and should be completely independent.  This should be my desire.  I should crush all those who oppose me, because it is fine for me to loudly proclaim my rights and how right I am to anyone who crosses me or just my path.  You can see it on TV, in the magazines, etc.  Yet that is not the way God has designed me.  Sure I can make sure my rights are not completely trampled upon, but I shouldn't accomplish that by acting like a man and conquering my foes through confrontation, violence, or yelling louder.

The world will tell us we need to vent our feelings in order to make ourselves feel better.  If Mrs. Example is annoyed with Mr. Example, she should feel free to rant all about it to her friends so she does not needlessly suffer the buildup of hatred and anxiety toward her undoubtedly stupid male spouse.  All would nod their heads in understanding if she would tell her woes of how he dragged in mud when he came home late; too late for dinner and too late to spend any time with her or the children.  God would tell us that Mrs. Example needs to be thankful Mr. Example cares enough about his wife and children to work hard enough to ensure they have dinner when he's not there.  As for the mud, that's easy enough to fix.  She shouldn't harbor those feelings in her heart and let them build.  She should not dishonor her husband to all the other women.

The world will tell young people that it is alright to argue with parents, as they are old and out of touch with reality.  When they are bothersome, youth should complain to everyone about them because they understand.  After all, who hasn't had old and out of touch parents?  God would tell youth to be thankful for what their parents provide, to understand that to obey them is to obey Him, and to keep their laws like one would keep His.  Honor and respect them like one would honor and respect Him, and help others to do the same.

The world tells us that we are to keep our faith private, that it should not affect our political or business decisions, and we should certainly not suggest others agree with us.  But this is not what God calls us to do.  In Acts 4, the leaders tell Peter and John to stop talking about Jesus.  Good thing they did not!

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