Friday, July 9, 2010

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I've just been fixated on the idea of wisdom of late; of worldly wisdom versus Godly wisdom. It is just so obvious sometimes how we manage to pick the wrong thing. Worldly wisdom is so appealing and so easy to choose!

The Beatitudes make no sense, really, to the world. Oh sure they sound good in general. Nice and warm and fuzzy feeling. But in a specific context, not so much. Who really wants to be meek? And at what point in our lives ever has society thought that was a good plan? That was never taught to me in school. I must be assertive! Protect my rights! Articulate my displeasure with the things that upset me! Have you ever seen a meek person portrayed well in tv or movies?

So much of what we do is opposed to God and His awesome wisdom. It is just so easy to do, and so easy to not realize it. It is a trap.

In the middle of His ministry, Jesus would heal and preach and see thousands. He only had three years - He must have been very busy. Certainly more busy than us. Surrounded by so many people and with so much to do He did not respond with worldly wisdom. He would leave and go pray by himself. He'd stop what he was doing and pray. How contrary to common sense is that? He'd even give up sleep or food to do it! That's just WEIRD.

There's no way we made this God up. The God we would make up would be easier. There'd be more "common sense." Jesus would have been full of worldly wisdom instead of this strange other thing. Because nobody by nature wants to be meek or unpopular or humble or any of the things the Gospel calls us to be.

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