Friday, July 30, 2010

Of time and luck

This is what my office is supposed to look like:

This is what it did look like after planning and conducting a summer camp for 135 people:

I am hopeful this helps to explain my temporary pause in writing.

It was a wonderful week! This is the second I have fully been in charge of and it is always a physical and mental endurance challenge. We was blessed to have very good staff volunteering beside me.

My car was unhappy on the way there. The AC stopped and as I rolled into camp I realized the most outstanding noise was coming from under my hood. Some of the guys told me the AC clutch was having issues and they were concerned on my way home it might just stop, taking the belt and the water pump with it.

I took it to a local shop, and it was so bad the guy saved the part to show off. I'm no mechanic, but as an engineer I could see why he thought there was no way my car should have made it to camp. I don't know all the part names, but instead of rolling around on bearings the pulley had broken and it was metal on metal. My car should have been on the side of the road.

Additionally, the AC compressor should have burned out as a result of this problem. It did not.

You can probably guess who I blame for this extraordinary "luck."

My car was 10 years old and the maintenance was costing more than it's value and so I traded it in after camp for a shiny new SUV. It is strange that now I've started arranging my finances with the idea I am merely a steward of God's money, I rarely have cause to worry about money. It just seems to work out.

Again, you can probably guess who I blame for this extraordinary "luck."

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