Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Link on Prayer

Inside Catholic - Pray for the Living and the Dead by Mark P. Shea

There's a lot here I like and can relate to!  This one stood out to me:
The ancients prayed to the Unknown God; we pray for the Unknown Sinner.

I also can relate to this (not that I get a lot of prayer requests, but the general response to prayer):
I tend to approach prayer not as a saint, but more as a manual laborer. It's a duty I feel, not especially a thing I like doing or feel competent at. On my blog, I started getting sundry prayer requests from random readers about this and that, and I began posting them, largely because I feel inept as an intercessory pray-er, and so had a hope that maybe somebody out there in the audience might have the charism I lack when it comes to having a clue how to pray. I thought I was being very clever fobbing this off on others; but, of course, what I stupidly failed to foresee was that this would inevitably result in lots more prayer requests for everything under the sun. I continue to post them, along with my fumbling two cents in the courts of the Almighty, advising Him on how to proceed. I haven't the slightest clue whether my prayers do a lick of good for the person making the prayer request. But I figure that if I mix my prayers in with others who are closer to the Throne, then maybe they'll get lost in the pack and I will look like I know what I'm doing.
The bolded part cracks me up.  That's kind of what I think.

Check it out!

(And for the non-Catholics, at some point I'll try to explain Purgatory, which is what he's sort of referencing in the whole praying for dead people thing)

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