Sunday, August 8, 2010

Today is the Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time.  Readings are here

I will not be hearing those readings today, though, as I plan on attending the Latin Mass, or Mass in the Extraordinary Form, or the Tridentine Mass.  I can't find an online version of those readings, because it is "old-school" and the readings are found in your missal (or your iPhone if you have the iPieta app).

Why two Masses?  Well they are two different versions of the same thing.  The Latin Mass was in use prior to the Second Vatican Council, and it is primarily said in Latin, as its name implies.  The Norvus Ordo, or ordinary / normal, Mass is what most people are now familiar with, and most of it is said in English (or whatever language is in use by the congregation).  The Latin Mass uses the older, one year calendar of readings, while the normal Mass uses a three year cycle.

This all seems quite simple but has caused a lot of drama and angst.  There are those who think changing the Mass was the best thing since Christ rose from the dead, and there are some who think it is the worst thing since, well, whatever they think is super bad.  Some of the liberals took the change to mean they could run amuck and introduce all sorts of weird things into the liturgy and their lives that were not included in the intent of the council (reiki, anyone?).  Some of the conservatives took the change so poorly they founded traditional orders and managed to get some of their ranks kicked out.  Good times, all around.  Fortunately most of the people in the middle went about their lives with the change and now we've reached a point where both are offered.

Both Masses are valid and "approved" by the Pope, so they're both good enough for me.

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