Friday, February 25, 2011


I am now in the book of Job. Said "Jobe," it has nothing to do with a job. Job was alive during the time of the patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob). He experiences incredible suffering.

Satan shows up before God one day and God tells him all about Job and his faithfulness. Satan thinks Job is so faithful only because God has blessed him with a big happy family and large flocks. God agrees to let Satan test Job by killing off his ten kids and destroying all his stuff. Job does not curse God at this; he still remains faithful. Satan tells God Job won't be faithful if his life and body are affected, so Satan is allowed to afflict Job with sores and boils and so forth (notice even Satan has boundaries set by God; Satan is not equal with God). Anyway, Job stays faithful.

Then Job's friends show up to comfort him and this is where I get lost. It doesn't read like the history of the earlier books but more like poetry. I don't do non literal all that well. In any event, there are many chapters with Job and his friends arguing abot if he has sinned and brought this on himself. He wants a trial with God to show his innocence. Then God talks to them.

Some day, I will try to have a better understanding of this book.

Now that we are through Nehemiah, the story of the Old Testament is basically complete (sort of). Job, Esther, the Psalms, the Prophets, etc are all written or about events that occur between the start of the world and the end of the Exile. Summary this weekend.

In the Catholic Bible, there are more historical books. The books of Maccabees tell the story of some events that happen between the return from Exile and the birth of Christ.

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