Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fifth Sunday of Lent (2)

Today Mass was wonderful.  It is, of course, always wonderful in the objective sense.  But we all know subjectively we tend to enjoy some more than others and today's fell into the more enjoyable category.  One week until Palm Sunday!

The homily focused on the humanity and divinity of Jesus in the Gospel reading.  Jesus, fully human, experienced great grief at the death of his friend and the sorrow of Mary and Martha.  Jesus, also fully divine, was able to raise Lazarus from death.  It is kind of mind boggling when you think about those two aspects in one person together.

The Sacred Page has another post (from one of the other authors) up today about the readings, and it is just as educational as the one I linked to yesterday.  I really recommend reading those as they have a lot of back story and details that we just don't usually get elsewhere.

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