Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Tomorrow is the Fifth Sunday of Lent. Next weekend is Palm Sunday, and the weekend after that is Easter.  What a wonderful time on the church calendar!

The Sacred Page once again has some nice material about this week's readings.  Check it out here
Another theme, however, which flows out of our reading above is this: God is faithful to his promise and can reconcile us no matter how far we have wondered away from him. The Israelites had been scattered--carried off to the far corners of the world in captivity. The Old Testament makes it clear why this happened: sin.

There's a good piece on where to find God at the National Catholic Register.
My daughter, who is five, asked me, “God is everywhere, right? So, he’s under the table? And in the fish tank? And in my ear?” Like every child I’ve ever met, she imagined that God had run himself through a duplicating machine, churning out thousand and millions of identical copies of himself. And thus he is everywhere, filling up the empty spaces of the world like numberless divine packing peanuts.
I recently had someone ask why we fasted on Fridays during Lent and told me the reason was because the fish would go bad over the weekend so they made up a rule to get people to eat it all on Friday.  I would actually assume fish would go bad after any day you did not eat, as they had no method of cooling, but that's neither here nor there.  Apparently there is an actual reason why we abstain from meat on Fridays.  Read more here.

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