Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The small problem of evil

I'm sitting here, looking forward to Holy Week, and trying to think of something to blog about.  My Bible software has a nice feature that puts together all the Gospel readings in order from Jesus' life.  That's a nice thing.

I have links that I could share.  I might yet.

But I've been rather overwhelmed lately by the problem of evil, and I am... Something.  I can't even find a word for it.

Objectively we know we live in a disordered world full of sin and evil.  We can even state that we are sinners.  And then something truly evil happens and we're left wondering why and how.  It really takes my breath away.

I guess an upside is it really puts everything else into perspective.  Upset about the broken door?  Probably ought to get over that one.  Computer broken?  So what.  There are many more important things in this world.  It also reminds me why we're to share the Gospel - clearly a lot of people need it more than we probably even realize, or want to realize.

Strange Jesus would entrust such a mission to such weak followers.  We need to pray more and work harder.

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