Monday, May 16, 2011

Long time, no see.

I apologize for the gap in blogging. Life has gotten very busy of late and I have not had as much time to blog. I do still find time to read and study the Bible, and read other people’s blogs. I hope to continue with more frequency as the spring develops.

I am reading through Romans with a friend. We are on Romans 3 this week. Paul continues to make his case that all are in need of divine intervention, as none are righteous by their own doings. While we can and frequently do good things, it is almost impossible to be pure when doing them and the evil deeds we do or the good deeds we fail to do or even the deeds we do that aren’t for God far, far, far outnumber anything good we might come up with.

He speaks toward the Law, which is what the Jews had in terms of guidance, and points out nobody has been or will be able to fulfill its requirements. The Law itself is of course good since it came from God and does point the way toward God, but people are unable to meet its demands. In that way, the Law also highlights our need for something apart from ourselves to save us.

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