Saturday, May 28, 2011

Romans 4

This next week we’re on Romans 4. I hope we’re able to do it, because my partner will be out of town to see her son come home from Afghanistan. I do think that’s an amazing reason to miss Bible study though!

Romans 4 continues the discourse on faith and works of the law. One cannot be dependent upon good works to get into Heaven, as there is no way for us to do every act with perfection. We are not perfectly holy. Even our good works are often marred with less than good intentions or motivations. Further, none of us is capable of avoiding evil works. We continue to fall down, over and over and over. So there is no way we can earn our way into Heaven – that door must be opened by God and the only thing we can do is have faith in God as God commands.

This of course does not mean we don’t do good works or God isn’t expecting our best. Faith is the first step, but faith without works is dead (James).

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