Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I've recently started using Google reader to keep up to date on all my favorite blogs.  It is quite useful, and it also leaves me with  more ability to find good stuff I want to share here.  So let's do some links!

Jennifer Fulwiler asks What Makes a Person Special?  She talks about some of the things we tell children and why they are special, but there are other, more important reasons why someone is special.  Forgetting God and what He has to say about our specialness, we open ourselves to great danger.
If we continue to see our fellow human beings as special based on arbitrary, flexible definitions that are ultimately rooted in human judgment of evidence, the devaluation of human life will spread to even more segments of society. And one day it could be you or someone you love who is no longer considered special.

Matthew Archbold writes about his $3 lesson in Christianity.  What a great story!  If you don't read any of my other links, read this one.

Video and article about traditional values and practices influence vocations. The video is great and follows the beautiful sisters from the Dominican sisters of St. Cecilia.

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