Friday, September 23, 2011


Today we celebrate the birth of my mother, and also note her departure from this world for the next.  We do joke that she picked the same day so we could remember the date.  We joke about a lot of things many don't, but we get our sense of humor from our parents and they make odd jokes.  She'd think it was funny.

About a year after she died, my dad had quadruple bypass surgery at the same hospital she'd had a surgery at.  He drove himself, and actually went to the second closest hospital (we're stubborn in addition to being funny).  We were sitting there in the family waiting room and the nice lady who was assigned to come talk to us, an ambassador I think they called her, came over.  We realized she was the same one we'd had the year before for our mom.  Clearly she did not remember us, but that didn't stop us.  We started asking for frequent flier miles, seat upgrades, and discounts at the cafeteria.

"Oh, you've been here before?"
"Yes, with our mom last year.  You were our ambassador then too."
"Oh!  Well, how is your mother?"
"She died."

Now you have to picture this in just the right way.  We were trying not to snicker, but that poor woman was horrified and didn't know what to say.  We shouldn't pick on people so.  We're way worse under stress.  Again, I think it runs in the family.

(Dad's okay, if you're wondering.  Well, "okay" in the typical sense of the word.  We think he's pretty awesome.)

In any event, I miss my mom and wish she was here to talk to about the stuff I write about on this blog.  She'd have a lot to say for sure.  And it'd be funny too.

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