Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The List

When I first starting caring about what God wanted me to do, I thought I had one thing to fix.  Just one.  I didn't even know to ask His help with it.  I just plowed full speed ahead hoping for the best to overcome the problem.  It went okay.  I can only assume that I was given additional grace due to the fact it was the first thing I tackled.

Later, I realized the list of things to fix was somewhat longer.  I spent over a year attempting to charge through a problem, much like I'd approached the one before.  I threw every bit of psychology I knew (and the internet could provide) at it, all with no luck.  I gave up, and no sooner had I left it to God, God fixed it.

I've since figured out the list is pretty big.  I'm not aware of all I do that needs to change; of everything I do that offends God.  He knows though, and my prayers to fix whatever are not ignored.  Recently, I realized He made a problem I didn't even know, or at least fully recognize, that I had go away without telling me about it.

Just like the parent who guides a bike as the training wheels come off, or steps in to fix a broken toy, or takes care of a problem before the child even notices, God is always taking care of us.  God is looking out for us even when we're not looking to Him in that specific instance.  He's awesome like that.

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