Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mainstream Media

I avoid most mainstream media.  It used to be because I did not like their bias.  Now I can't even go there to skim because a lot of their content is not safe for work.  Seriously, FOX News, I do not need to know how to have better sex.  I don't think the news should comment on such things.  Normally, the news covers new or unknown information.  Sex is not new, or unknown.  Adam and Eve did it, and unfortunately, even most teenagers can figure it out.

What does it say about our society that an article about sex life improvement shares space with an article on the government not shutting down?  Or Obamacare?  Or war, famine, disease, etc?  I mean, are those even comparable? 

And they wonder why we don't trust them.  Not that they care, since we apparently keep clicking back.

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