Monday, November 7, 2011


Wow.  Writing a blog is hard when participating in Nanowrimo.  Never heard of Nanowrimo?  It is National Novel Writing Month.  The goal is to write 50,000 words of a novel between November 1 and November 30.  This is 1,667 words per day, if you were wondering.  I’m having a hard time keeping up, but that’s mostly due to my crazy schedule I have anyway.  Add this blog on, and it gets even crazier.

So November’s posts may be a bit sporadic.  I am still keeping up with my Bible in a Year reading plan, and am ahead of schedule.  There are three parts per day; the first from the Old Testament historical books or prophets, the second from the wisdom writings, and then the third from the New Testament.   So far, in Genesis, Abraham has had Isaac.  I’m well on my way in the Psalms.  And Jesus is starting to aggravate people in Matthew.

If you have never read the Bible (or even if you have), this is a great way to get going on it.  We’re talking 5-10 minutes per day.  It is totally not overwhelming in the least.  Sometimes we wonder if God is paying attention or if He is talking to us or what is going on, but we have this right at our fingertips.  This is the Word of God, why not read it?

Don’t worry it won’t make sense.  Even for my engineering non poetic brain, almost all of it is pretty easy to read and get the basic meaning.  The prophets are hard for me, but the historical stories are pretty easy and simple to understand.  Sure it can get more complex when you look for connections with other parts or deeper meanings, but the storyline itself is pretty understandable.  If you’re Catholic (or go to a church that reads a lot of it out loud anyway), you’ve probably already heard a lot of it.  Very not scary.

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