Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sirach 1

Happy December!

Sir 1:33  Son, if thou desire wisdom, keep justice, and God will give her to thee.
Sir 1:34  For the fear of the Lord is wisdom and discipline: and that which is agreeable to him,
Sir 1:35  Is faith, and meekness: and he will fill up his treasures.
Sir 1:36  Be not incredulous to the fear of the Lord: and come not to him with a double heart.
Sir 1:37  Be not a hypocrite in the sight of men, and let not thy lips be a stumblingblock to thee.
Sir 1:38  Watch over them, lest thou fall, and bring dishonour upon thy soul,
Sir 1:39  And God discover thy secrets, and cast thee down in the midst of the congregation.
Sir 1:40  Because thou camest to the Lord wickedly, and thy heart is full of guile and deceit.

I really like that incredulous word in 36.  Don't be unwilling to accept or trust fear of the Lord.  Synonyms include mistrustful, unbelieving, and skeptical.  One of the guys in my RCIA group noted that this all seems like a pretty cheap ticket on our part.  He's happy to take it though.  We should be also and not doubt that the simple things proclaimed to us are true, just because they are simple.

And of course it touches on our lips, which tend to get us in trouble.  Mine do, for sure.  Sirach has a whole section and more dedicated to the problems we can cause with our mouths.

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