Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sirach 2

Sir 2:14  Woe to them that are of a double heart and to wicked lips, and to the hands that do evil, and to the sinner that goeth on the earth two ways.
Sir 2:15  Woe to them that are fainthearted, who believe not God: and therefore they shall not be protected by him.
Sir 2:16  Woe to them that have lost patience, and that have forsaken the right ways, and have gone aside into crooked ways.
Sir 2:17  And what will they do, when the Lord shall begin to examine?
Sir 2:18  They that fear the Lord, will not be incredulous to his word: and they that love him, will keep his way.
Sir 2:19  They that fear the Lord, will seek after the things that are well pleasing to him: and they that love him, shall be filled with his law.
Sir 2:20  They that fear the Lord, will prepare their hearts, and in his sight will sanctify their souls,
Sir 2:21  They that fear the Lord, keep his commandments, and will have patience even until his visitation,
Sir 2:22  Saying: If we do not penance, we shall fall into the hands of the Lord, and not into the hands of men.
Sir 2:23  For according to his greatness, so also is his mercy with him.

The Bible does a pretty good job with comparing and contrasting, doesn't it?  Bad things for those who do not believe in or fear the Lord, good things for those who do.  

Note also it continues to go back to God's mercy.  I've heard people say that the Old Testament God was different than the New Testament God as He had no mercy.  God is the same always!  He has always been, and continues to be, a perfectly just and merciful God.

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