Friday, December 9, 2011

Sirach 3

Sir 3:1  The sons of wisdom are the church of the just: and their generation, obedience and love.
Sir 3:2  Children, hear the judgment of your father, and so do that you may be saved.
Sir 3:3  For God hath made the father honourable to the children: and seeking the judgment of the mothers, hath confirmed it upon the children.
Sir 3:4  He that loveth God, shall obtain pardon for his sins by prayer, and shall refrain himself from them, and shall be heard in the prayer of days.
Sir 3:5  And he that honoureth his mother is as one that layeth up a treasure.
Sir 3:6  He that honoureth his father shall have joy in his own children, and in the day of his prayer he shall be heard.
Sir 3:7  He that honoureth his father shall enjoy a long life: and he that obeyeth the father, shall be a comfort to his mother.
Sir 3:8  He that feareth the Lord, honoureth his parents, and will serve them as his masters that brought him into the world.
Sir 3:9  Honour thy father, in work and word, and all patience,
Sir 3:10  That a blessing may come upon thee from him, and his blessing may remain in the latter end.
Sir 3:11  The father's blessing establisheth the houses of the children: but the mother's curse rooteth up the foundation. 

Fearing the Lord and honoring parents is linked.  I like how in 7 it is said that obedience to the father comforts the mother.  It is also tied to how the grandchildren turn out.  That seems to make sense, if we never know how to honor our parents we probably won't be able to set an example of honoring to our children.

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