Friday, December 16, 2011

Sirach 3

Sir 3:27  A hard heart shall fear evil at the last: and he that loveth danger shall perish in it.
Sir 3:28  A heart that goeth two ways shall not have success, and the perverse of heart shall be scandalized therein.
Sir 3:29  A wicked heart shall be laden with sorrows, and the sinner will add sin to sin.
Sir 3:30  The congregation of the proud shall not be healed: for the plant of wickedness shall take root in them, and it shall not be perceived.

Sir 3:31  The heart of the wise is understood in wisdom, and a good ear will hear wisdom with all desire.
Sir 3:32  A wise heart, and which hath understanding, will abstain from sins, and in the works of justice shall have success.

Sir 3:33  Water quencheth a flaming fire, and alms resisteth sins:
Sir 3:34  And God provideth for him that sheweth favour: he remembereth him afterwards, and in the time of his fall he shall find a sure stay.

Verse 30 speaks about the plant of wickedness taking root in the proud congregation, and how it is not perceived.  Proverbs also speaks of people wandering into darkness and not even realizing it because they aren't paying attention to God.

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