Saturday, January 14, 2012

It isn't all about Sex

We are surrounded by sex, and live in a culture that would lead us to believe everything is about sex.  The clothes we wear, the car we drive, and the relationships we form are all about sex.

I once explained to a class of girls I was teaching in church how nice it was another Christian lady came over and prayed with me.  The girls assured me that since the woman hugged me, she was hitting on me.  Because she initiated physical contact, the woman was clearly homosexual and interested in pursuing a relationship with me.  Or at least that's what a portion of the teenage girls in my class have been brainwashed to think.  It is all about sex.

There are few movies or tv shows where two characters can exist together without there being some sort of sexual tension.  Every movement or discussion or interaction can be analyzed to see what is going on in their relationship, and how quickly it will turn physical.  Because it is all about sex.

Frodo and Sam from Lord of the Rings are also homosexual, because men can't love each other without being gay.  This isn't just about that type of sex though - everybody knows that male and female leads should be having sex or talking about sex or thinking about sex, if not with each other than with someone else.  We just now get the added bonus of same sex sexual tension because we're all grown up.  It is all about sex.

"In a sample of programming from the 2001-2002 TV season, sexual content appeared in 64% of all TV programs. Those programs with sexually related material had an average of 4.4 scenes per hour. Talk of sex is more frequent (61%) vs. overt portrayals (32%). 1 out of every 7 programs includes a portrayal of sexual intercourse."  Parents Television Council.  Note the date - that's 10 years ago.  All about sex. 

Go stand in line at a grocery store or Wal Mart or some place that has magazines for you to look at.  Aren't you glad to know who is having sex?  How to have better sex?  How often you should be having sex?  Who you should want to have sex with?   Life is all about sex, after all, so you should get that information along with your bread and milk.

Think about how often you run into sex somewhere on TV or out and about or anywhere really.  Isn't it a lot?  Does the percentage of times you see sex in culture equal the amount of time you actually are having sex?  Because if the proportion is off, something is wrong.  Something doesn't work there.  One might think that it isn't all about sex.  And that's just math - I haven't even gotten to God yet.

When God talks about sex, it is either in the happy context of marriage, or it ends poorly (like getting the city destroyed by fire balls).  There also seems to be an abundance of other information in the Bible aside from information on sex, ranging from how to live properly to how to love others.  And yes, you can love others without having sex with them. 

We get lied to all the time.  We're told we'll be happy if we buy more stuff.  We're also told life is all about sex.  How well is that working out for us?  Either of them really.  Does the wisdom of the world really bring us happiness?  Or just STDs and a broken heart on our yacht?

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