Wednesday, January 11, 2012

King David

Apparently this post never made it out of draft stage.  I wrote this in November.

I learned a lot of interesting details about King David's story I never picked up on by myself.  For instance, in 1 Samuel 21, David's crazy nature saved him because the Pagans were afraid of madmen and wouldn't have killed one.

The book also did a great job connecting the Psalms with different stories.  Sure, the Psalms have a few places where they state in which part of David's life they were written, but it is hard to line those up on the fly as you're reading.  She references them at the appropriate times and so they make much more sense than when read alone.

And of course, the book was a great encourager spiritually too.  Lots of lessons to remember and apply, but all very good and very valuable.

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