Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Other People

I think it is remarkably easy to forget the humanity of the other people on this planet.  The guy driving too slow is just a moron with a low IQ that's a waste of carbon and a user of oxygen versus a living, breathing, human being in need of love and of God.  The boss that asks for some extra hours is a tyrannical overlord with no feelings, compassion, or common sense instead of a fellow miracle created by God for His purposes.  Sounds like a big difference in terms, but how often do we think of the first descriptor of someone we don't like instead of the second?  Would we treat them different if we thought of the second more frequently?

Are our friends and family members nice folks that we find to be appealing for their emotional benefit to us?  Or do we treat them like individuals in need of our love and attention and emotions?  Who are we serving, ourselves or God?  Isn't it easier just to view those around us as commodities and be happy in our own head with how amazing we are?  I mean, of course WE are individuals in need of love and of God.  The great commandment isn't to love God and love ourselves though.

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