Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sirach 6

Sir 6:5  A sweet word multiplieth friends, and appeaseth enemies, and a gracious tongue in a good man aboundeth.
Sir 6:6  Be in peace with many, but let one of a thousand be thy counsellor.
Sir 6:7  If thou wouldst get a friend, try him before thou takest him, and do not credit him easily.
Sir 6:8  For there is a friend for his own occasion, and he will not abide in the day of thy trouble.
Sir 6:9  And there is a friend that turneth to enmity; and there is a friend that will disclose hatred and strife and reproaches.
Sir 6:10  And there is a friend a companion at the table, and he will not abide in the day of distress.
Sir 6:11  A friend if he continue steadfast, shall be to thee as thyself, and shall act with confidence among them of thy household.
Sir 6:12  If he humble himself before thee, and hide himself from thy face, thou shalt have unanimous friendship for good.
Sir 6:13  Separate thyself from thy enemies, and take heed of thy friends.
Sir 6:14  A faithful friend is a strong defence: and he that hath found him, hath found a treasure.
Sir 6:15  Nothing can be compared to a faithful friend, and no weight of gold and silver is able to countervail the goodness of his fidelity.
Sir 6:16  A faithful friend is the medicine of life and immortality: and they that fear the Lord, shall find him.
Sir 6:17  He that feareth God, shall likewise have good friendship: because according to him shall his friend be.

I love my friends!  And I love this wisdom about friends!  It speaks of not trusting people too soon, friends who bail on you when you need them, and friendships that turn to hatred.  But it also speaks of our faithful friends, and that finding one is like finding treasure.  How true!

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