Monday, January 30, 2012

Sirach 9

Sir 9:14  Forsake not an old friend, for the new will not be like to him.
Sir 9:15  A new friend is as new wine: it shall grow old, and thou shalt drink it with pleasure.
Sir 9:16  Envy not the glory and riches of a sinner: for thou knowest not what his ruin shall be.
Sir 9:17  Be not pleased with the wrong done by the unjust, knowing that even to hell the wicked shall not please.
Sir 9:18  Keep thee far from the man that hath power to kill, so thou shalt not suspect the fear of death.
Sir 9:19  And if thou come to him, commit no fault, lest he take away thy life.
Sir 9:20  Know it to be a communication with death: for thou art going in the midst of snares, and walking upon the arms of them that are grieved.
Sir 9:21  According to thy power beware of thy neighbour, and treat with the wise and prudent.
Sir 9:22  Let just men be thy guests, and let thy glory be in the fear of God.
Sir 9:23  And let the thought of God be in thy mind, and all thy discourse on the commandments of the Highest.
Sir 9:24  Works shall be praised for the hand of the artificers, and the prince of the people for the wisdom of his speech, but the word of the ancients for the sense.
Sir 9:25  A man full of tongue is terrible in his city, and he that is rash in his word shall be hateful. 

We see some of the thoughts on friendship here, with the advice to keep old friends around and not just rely on new friends.  I have the opposite problem and would rather hang out with old friends than make new ones, thus making new friends harder.

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