Sunday, February 5, 2012

Still Fired Up

Last week, I posted about a hot issue with regard to our religious freedoms in the United States.  I found an article on this issue, as well as the Komen/Planned Parenthood drama from this week, here.

If you don't think this rule matters, or somehow won't affect anything, check out this statistic from Parker:  "Essentially, the new law forces them either to forfeit their most fundamental beliefs or to face prohibitive penalties — or to close hospitals, schools and other charities, with catastrophic consequences for millions who depend them. For perspective, one in six patients in the United States is cared for in a Catholic hospital."  (Emphasis mine).  The whole piece is a good one to read; I recommend it.

Just think for a moment about all the reasons we know America was created, why the founding fathers deemed it appropriate to incite civil war and declare themselves to be independent of the authority over them.  It wasn't a particularly fun or easy thing to do.  Nor was forming the Constitution.  How do you think they'd feel about the fact the Federal government (remembering the 10th amendment puts all authority on the states if the Constitution doesn't specifically put it on the Federal side) is making policies affecting private business (the insurance companies and employers involved) regarding what many consider to be moral issues?  I think they'd probably have quite the fit.

I found another article yesterday citing that the US Army told their Catholic priests not to read a letter from their Bishop regarding the mandate.  They've now admitted this was a mistake, but on what planet would you not think that was a mistake to begin with?  Our culture has changed a great deal for anyone to think that a pastor should not tell his flock about morals.  I guess it is okay for us to have our faith, as long as we don't share it.

America is not neutral on religion.  The government is not attempting to create a situation where all voices can be heard.  They've created a system where only liberal voices can be heard.  That's why California mandates children hear all about sexual orientation.  That's why the government can tell private, Christian institutions they have to pay for things they feel are immoral.  That isn't neutral.  The government doesn't just want God out of the public light; they want something anti-God to replace Him.

This direct assault on the religious freedom of all Americans should not be allowed to stand.  It isn't just about Catholics.  If the government thinks they have the authority and ability to take out an institution that has been around 10 times as long as America has been, what do you think they'll do to the little church on the corner?   Do you really think they're going to protect the rights of Jewish or Muslim people to worship?

I encourage you to contact your government representatives immediately and ask they oppose this threat to liberty.

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