Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why I'm a Christian

Sometimes I think it is good to go back to basics and reflect on why we think the way we think and believe what we do.  Today I'm going to provide a brief overview as to why I'm a Christian.  This does not encompass all the reasons I might have, and does not come close to the variety of reasons others may have.  It may not explain everyone's thought process; and in fact, probably explains very few.  I think different and that's okay.  =)

1.  I believe in God, and I always have.  Regardless of what one might think about the steps between the creation of the universe and me, how long it took, if there were steps, etc., I don't believe that could happen without God.  The probability of everything that would need to occur to produce this outcome completely by accident gets into the absolutely ridiculous area of math.  If we believe it is possible for life to spring from nothing without any aid, then we're taking a big risk that new life will exist every time we open up a jar of peanut butter.  Even outside of the revealed truth God has given us, this much is obvious from His creation.

2.  A God who can create the entire universe from absolutely nothing doesn't need me to exist.  He must have had a purpose in creating me.  He doesn't need me to do anything for Him - again, He can create the universe.  For some strange reason, He created me to be me with all of my free will and capacities and intelligence and personality.  He created other people too, and they're all a little or a lot different than me.  He doesn't need us to be unique.  He doesn't need anything about us.  He must just want us.  The God of the Bible is different from other gods in that He wants us and loves us and wants us to love Him. 

3.  God is our authority.  Whatever whiny teenage-like rebellious crap that is always popular with some, there is an authority.  If God created the universe, then anything and everything in it is His.  That's just the way it goes.  When I play Sim City, it is my city.  It is on my computer.  It is subject to my will.  I'm in charge.  God is in charge of the universe.  And it doesn't matter if you like Him or not, that's just the way it is.  A two year old's annoyance with the rules of the house does not make the rules disappear.  There is no escaping God's authority over His creation.

4.  Everyone has an inherent law on their hearts, so to speak.  In no culture has it ever been deemed good to flee from your comrades on the battlefield, for instance, as Lewis notes.  Even the most brutal of societies frown upon murder at random, and even the most promiscuous groups exercise some rules regarding who they will bed.  God has given us rules.  God has further given us rules via His communication with humans.  We are subject to His authority in His rules.  And we fail to follow them.

5.  If God created us to love Him and serve Him and we fail to follow His rules, then we are undeserving of God.  We already didn't deserve God because we're just creatures and can't create the universe, but we can't even play by the rules He sets for us in our own little lives.  And just like the authority thing, it doesn't really matter if we think this is unfair or His standards are too high.  He is the absolute authority and that is His decision to make.

6.  God has always provided a means by which people can find their way back to Him even with sin. Most recently, and finally, this was accomplished through His Son, Jesus Christ.  The God who created the universe loves us so much He made it so we can still be with Him, even in our failures and weaknesses.  If God wanted to send His Son down for no reason whatsoever, I'd believe because that's what the God of the universe wanted.  Instead, there is a glorious reason and even more call to love Him.

God doesn't have to love us, but He does.  That's pretty amazing, in and of itself.  Add to that the rest of it, and I don't know how we can do anything but worship God!

Some people get hung up on the idea that if God is love, He couldn't send people to Hell.  I think people can't understand the level of love God really does have for us.  None of us would create something from nothing just simply out of love.  God, however, is pure love.  He also gives us the freedom to reject His love, so that our love for Him will be true.  And if we choose to reject His love and Him, then that's on us.

Some of my favorite books on this subject:
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