Thursday, December 27, 2012

Conversion vs Education

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been watching the Catechism series by Father Corapi recently, while reading the Catechism itself.  The series seems to be aimed at Catechists, people who are instructing others in the faith.  He said something early on that stuck with me.  We frequently assume that people have already converted, that they already have a relationship with Jesus.  We assume they know Him and love Him and want to serve Him and learn more about Him.  So we hop right in with telling them all about it. 

As Father Corapi rightly points out, none of it sticks if they haven't actually been converted.  He noted this is frequently apparent in Confirmation classes where the parent drags the kid in and the kid has no interest whatsoever.  Then they just leave after they receive Confirmation.

I saw this myself when I was teaching a Confirmation class to some young women in my parish.  Several of them were truly interested, but several of them were just there because it was on some sort of check list of things to accomplish at a certain grade level.  The information provided isn't bad in that case though, as they will hopefully come back to at at some point.  But we can't always just jump in and assume people know Jesus.

Father Corapi also discussed the idea that we would know Jesus and be completely disinterested in learning anything more about Him.  We're called to love Him for all eternity and for some reason decide we just don't need to know anything about Him or what He might want from us.  We wouldn't expect to have a human relationship on these terms, why do we expect it with God?  This highlights why we should study and understand our faith.  And probably why the Pope made this year the Year of Faith!

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