Sunday, January 20, 2013


We want to be comfortable in life.  This can mean so many things, but on a basic and daily level we want to be warm.  We want to be fed.  We want to have shelter.

We want our houses to be at just the right temperature and our internet to be high speed.  We want the larger TV with the better picture and the larger sofa with the softer cushions.  We want the nicer bed with the softer sheets and we want the fuzzy towels in the bathroom like ones you'd find at a hotel.  Most of us don't really like change, as that has been proven to make us very uncomfortable.  We want our nice comfortable life with our nice comfortable stuff and our nice comfortable schedule and our nice comfortable social interactions. Or maybe we want slightly different things, but in any event we want to meet our definition of comfortable.

We sometimes live as though our sole purpose is simply to attain the right level of comfort.  Then we can sit quietly and live our comfortable lives in safety and security, never risking a thing.  What are we being asked to do that we might be ignoring because it isn't comfortable?  What conversations are we avoiding?  What changes in our life?  What might God be asking us to do that interferes with our comfort?  I always find those are the things I pretend I didn't hear as they are the ones I don't want to do.  It isn't comfortable

I was talking to my dad several months ago as he was preparing to participate in a particular charity.  I asked him why, since I knew that thing made him uncomfortable.  He told me he'd been thinking about it, and it just didn't seem like God cared if we were comfortable.

If God calls us to do something, our comfort level may not be at the top of His list of concerns, regardless of where it falls on our list.  Jesus' mission didn't seem to account for His comfort, particularly there at the end.  If we look at all that the apostles gave up to follow Him, comfort wasn't on their list either.  When offered the choice between death by stoning or a comfortable rejection of the Truth, Stephen didn't pick comfort.

Is comfort my king or is God?

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