Wednesday, February 6, 2013


It has been a few days since I've been able to write.  I was out of town visiting family, and work has been quite busy with audits and big, Big, BIG news on the horizon for us.  God took thousands of years revealing His divine plan, and I think my company must be taking His lead as they have been quite slow going in explaining future changes.

As a result of my work commitments, I've not been doing as great with my plans for 2013 as I'd hoped.  Never fear though, there's always tomorrow.  Or in my case, the past few days.  I had been keeping up with a minimum amount of reading and I returned to the Y to lift (ow).  I over did it on the elliptical machine yesterday though and today when I attempted to run my calves turned into angry bricks.

I don't have much for today except for some links!  You should click these links.  It would make me happy and you'd find interesting things to read.

Restless Pilgrim has a good post on Bible Translations.  I like my RSV and don't care for the NAB.  If you don't know what that means, head there to find out!

On a frighteningly more serious note, You Have to Be Terrified to Justify Murder.

In the almost too strange category, family survives for 40 years without contact with society.  Wow. 

An entry on what draws people to Ash Wednesday and Lent while avoiding media frenzy.

In case you're wondering about that HHS compromise the administration of our benevolent leader has provided for us, it might actually be worse than what came before.  This is by Archbishop Chaput.

For something more uplifting, head to the Like the Dewfall entry by Simcha Fisher. 

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