Thursday, February 28, 2013


Watching the Catholicism DVD series with Father Barron this week.  This is an outstanding DVD set if you ever have the chance to see it.  It is educational but not boring.  They go to a variety of beautiful locations around the world and explore different aspects of Catholicism over the 10 parts.

In one of the parts, he explores the idea of rules.  He discusses how we don't like rules; we feel they limit our freedom.  And he points out this is simply not the case by using language as an example.  He notes he has freedom over language and can say whatever he wants to say, but only because he follows the rules of English.  He doesn't just throw out words and do whatever he wants as that wouldn't work.

God's rules do not limit our freedom.  They allow us to live more freely for God's will.  Even if we don't understand them, when we follow them they have this effect.  They make it more possible for us to serve God, which is our ultimate goal.

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