Thursday, May 30, 2013

My little adventure

I have some plans for 2014, and I want to get myself prepared. Many times we look at our finances or our health or some other worldly item in such preparations.  That's not wrong.  This time though, I want to also prepare spiritually.  I've done the Bible in 90 days and the Bible in a year (or almost two if we are counting), but now I have a plan for doing it before January.  This plan won't be in order, as I mixed it all up to plan it.  I want to read each book of course, but I also want to explore a bit more about each book in general.  

I'm spending the next week looking at Genesis.  The Wikipedia entry is cute, as it seems to be devoid of much useful information for a believer.  There are a lot of theories, but none putting God in charge. Onward and upward to far better sources.  But that's good to note - don't expect the world to tell you what you need to know about God. 

It reminds me of a news story last week.  The media reported the Pope said that atheists were going to heaven.  He didn't.  But if we get our spiritual news from the mainstream media, we would have false info.  Is that surprising?  Watch your sources. 

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