Sunday, July 21, 2013

Axious and worried about many things...

Today is the Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time.  Readings are here

I know there is already a lot of commentary out there about Mary vs Martha and how they approach life.  One is busy and the other contemplative.  One is praying and the other is doing.  I'm sure there is plenty of information out there about balancing that, or praying before engaging in activity, or making sure to find time for Jesus.  I'm sure if you google it you might find more.

All I know is I read that today and I hear the  "Martha, Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things. There is need of only one thing."

I am anxious and worried about many things.  It seems to be in my nature.  Especially this week as I approach the unknown results of a long-awaited for and prepared for test, I am anxious about the future.  I don't like not knowing the outcome.  I like certainty.  When it isn't there, I am anxious.

But there is need of only one thing, and that one thing really is certain.  Jesus is certain.  And when I pay attention to Him, the anxiety goes away.  There is nothing to be anxious about with God.  All the "many things" in life take their proper place, which is quite small, in comparison to eternity.  I pray today that my heart will always remember to sit at the Lord's feet, regardless of what the rest of me is doing.


  1. So right. Jesus is certain. I need that reminder and to cling tight to him this week. I love your blog title.

    1. Thanks! And I need constant reminders. I'll forget by tomorrow with the way I am!