Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bible Study

More Catholics are opening up their Bibles and digging into the Word.  This is a really great thing!

I know sometimes the Bible can look scary, but start off with the Gospels.  They're very easy to read and you'll find you know most of them from Mass.  The rest of the New Testament, save Revelation, isn't scary to open right to either.  The first several books of the Bible are also easier reading, and nobody will take you out back if you skim or even skip the genealogies or the pages-long instruction on building the Tabernacle.  Books like Proverbs or Psalms are easy to read a few at at time; Proverbs is even easily set up to read a chapter a day!  The "hard parts" are a lot less difficult once you have a base understanding of what is going on.

E-sword is a great piece of software for the PC.  I have yet to find anything as good as this for my Mac.

There are a lot of translations available for use.  I prefer the Revised Standard Version Catholic Bible.  It seems to be fairly easy to read without entering the far less formal translations available that just don't feel like God's Word to me.  Just remember when picking your Bible that Protestants dropped several books from the Old Testament, so look for a Catholic Bible.  (Unless you're Protestant, of course).

Where's a good place to learn more about the Bible?  Here are some of the resources I use.

St Paul Center for Biblical Theology.  There is a lot of information there!  It also includes several free studies, both written and in audio. You can download it to your smart phone!

There's the Navarre Bible.  This includes a lot of commentary, and you can buy individual books for a lower cost.  The commentary seems more spiritual and less academic in these and includes a lot of quotes from known greats throughout the ages.

I'm a big fan of the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible .  This has a lot of academic footnotes, still with plenty of quotes.

People have been studying the NT for two thousand years, and the OT even longer than that so don't be afraid to look around for other good Catholic resources.

What resources do you use to study God's Word?

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