Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mine Mine Mine

It sounds so easy.  Give your troubles to God!  Of course, He created the whole universe so He knows what He is doing!  God only asks us for our best effort and to glorify Him.  Besides, worldly success here does not translate to anything for Heaven!  Health and wealth and a peaceful existence on this life aren't all that important because all that matters is eternity!  The amount of verses, Bible stories, and real life examples of these concepts are simply overwhelming.

Obviously!  And then, "But what if I fail" or "What if it doesn't work?"

Well.  That trust thing lasted a nice few seconds, didn't it?  And even if we notice we have grabbed our problem back from the hands of the God who made us, the Universe, and everything else, there seems to be little we can do about it.  Mine, mine, mine!  It is my problem to control and be anxious over!

It is a lot easier to trust in God's plan for our future if we simply ignore the fact His plans may be different than our own!  His idea of a wonderful life to ours may indeed be different.  Let's face it, it probably is.  And of course His way is "better," but then again he probably defines "better" differently than we do.  His idea of "better" involves taking on humanity and dying on the cross, among other things.  It can be painfully difficult to see his "better" as better with our limited and selfish capacities.

Trusting can be very terrifying.  Absolutely terrifying.  I struggle with it every time I try to do it without praying; every time I try to do it myself, when trusting becomes its own problem for me to manage.  How do I make myself trust God?  How do I create an environment where I am not terrified?  I can stay there for days until I hear how often that "mine" pops up.

Here's the deal - the only "mine" we need to concern ourselves with is that we are God's. He looks upon us and says "mine."  And He has all the authority to mean it.

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