Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Scary Statistics

Let's talk about some statistics.  Check out some here.  16% of Americans are not affiliated with a church.  78% are Christian.  Okay, interesting.  Christians appear in the majority.  Or are we?

Only around 20% of those identifying as Christians actually attend church.  That means around 80% of the 78% are not going anywhere to learn more about God, be educated on current events in the light of religion, etc.

So 15-16% of Americans are Christians actively attending a church.  Why is this important?  Well, we keep complaining about how our rights are being trod upon, and I think there's a certain surprise since we're in the "majority."  But we're not the majority given these numbers.

At what percentage of people who are educated in their faith and participating in their faith do we start to see persecution?  Well, currently religious institutions and private individuals who oppose it on moral grounds are going to have to provide contraceptive coverage via their insurance, else face fines.  So I'd say 15-16% is a good start.

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