Friday, July 19, 2013

Some Links

The Cross of Being Pro Life.  This is simply a beautiful reflection.  "He told me that he keeps in perspective that God’s idea of death and life are radically different than our own."

I liked this one too.  I'm Not The Entire Congregation.  "Then, with a sickening mental thud, this thought landed: me, sitting there in the pew, sighing at the sermon? I'm doing the same thing. Maybe I'm not a racist, but there I was, grousing because the sermon wasn't tailor made for me. I was expecting to file in and have a message delivered according to my desires, as if the Mass were a vending machine and I had just put in my quarter."

Sometimes my sister jokes, "Not that there's anything wrong with that" after discussing some sin.  She's joking, but many people aren't.  And those of us who would say there is something wrong with sin are pressured to keep our mouths shut, lest we be accused of not "loving" people.  I like the below video because it talks about the difference between blind tolerance and Godly love.

Father Barron is such a great speaker!  He is the one who did the Catholicism Study Program, which I love.  Here he is again, discussing faith and reason.

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