Sunday, July 28, 2013

What to read?

Today is quite an important and busy day, so I think I'll end the 7 posts in 7 days with several links from this week.

If you like my blog, you should head over there to read hers as well as the many other bloggers participating.  You should do that even if you don't like my blog, now that I think of it...  She had a few great posts this week including How to think about the afterlife (hint: you can’t, because you live in Flatland) and my personal favorite If you want to whine about your alligator problem, don’t come to me.  There's some very serious science there regarding the dangers of both alligators and scorpions, and you'll want to stay in the know.

Here we have a post about the new royal baby, and how all babies are good with a call not to use babies to our advantage as pro-lifers. BABIES = GOOD.  That is an equation that this blog wholeheartedly supports.

Are you a new feminist?  If you're reading this blog that probably freaks you out I even asked.  But how one defines feminism matters a great deal.  Go check out the article to find out more.

I've been listening to Romans: The Gospel According to St. Paul, and it is incredibly eye opening and educational.

The Conquering Power of Praise.  A meditation on praising God.  Do we do that often enough?  I know I don't.  Which is kind of ridiculous given the circumstances.  God created the universe out of nothing.  I could go on with the rest of human and salvation history, but that fact alone should be enough to generate hours of praise.

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