Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Randomness

Welcome, welcome to my random collection of thoughts for Friday!  I find this post the hardest to write each week because I never know what I'm going to say.

I'm writing a novel!  That's not news, really.  I've been working on it for years probably now.  I enjoy world-building and exploring all the options.  Sometimes I even write scenes.  This week I've been enjoying my new novel-writing aid - Scapple.  This program, along with Scrivener, are the reasons why I'd get multiple monitors to go with my laptop.   I want to draw over THERE!  And see what's over HERE!  CHART ALL THE THINGS!  Multiple monitors would limit me in every other way though, so I guess I'll settle for my single screen.

It has been raining here.  And raining.  And then raining some more.  I mean the type of rain that floods basements in houses that don't have basements level of raining.  This apparently has forced one of my dogs to reconsider her essential nature (dog) and conclude she will melt if she exits the deck while it is raining.  This makes the kitchen the safest place to poop by this logic.  Which she did.

Conversion Diary has already explained the awesomeness of the blog Mama Knows, Honeychild.  If you have not gone to the blog, you should head there now.  It is funny in a possibly pee your pants sort of way, and includes far more pictures than my blog does.  I'd like to point your attention to a particular post: I Hate You, Victoria's Secret.

You're welcome.

I'm having friends spend the weekend, which is odd since we most likely will be here at opposing times.  This would normally cause panic, but I've known them for seven years.  They'll be lucky if they get clean sheets.  Have you ever noticed that?  New friends get the best dinner, best napkins, and cheesecake at the end.  Then they come over again, and you switch to the other napkins and offer some ice cream.  After a few years, you're just like "Um, there's no food in the fridge.  If you want chips, help yourself.  Could you feed the dogs?"  At which point they might as well be family, which is just plain awesome.

I joined a local hiking meetup group.  I can't seem to schedule one of the initial easy hikes on my calendar, so the only ones that are left are 7-8 mile excursions into the middle of nowhere in a different state.  That isn't a disaster waiting to happen for an introvert and people she doesn't know...

CrossFit.  Yes, I said it.  I joined it.  I've been to a newbie class and two introduction classes.  I do have to say they are not the crazy cult most of us want them to be since we're kind of jealous of the results.  The instructors have been nice and very focused on good form.  All the rumors about it being hard are true though!  It is all scalable, but you feel encouraged to push yourself.  So I've come home sore each time.

It did not escape my notice that after posting entirely random movie videos last week, I was invited to put a good blog post up on New Evangelists Monthly.  That kind of thing must be what the internet is looking for!  So here is another random movie video of something I'd like to see.

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