Friday, August 2, 2013

7 Quick Takes

It has been a rough week here with the disappointing test results from last weekend.  I'm okay, but I haven't done much productive.  And I don't intend to start now!  So, here are seven random videos I've found to be enjoyable or useful.

Ender's Game is quite possibly my favorite book.  I rank it up there with The Lord of the Rings.  That said, I think it is important to note I do not expect this movie to be as epic as the LOTR movies.  Also, the movie will be different than the book.  It has to be.  That is no reason to panic.  I just hope it is a good movie that captures the spirit of the book.  The enemy's gate is down.

Catching Fire.  Oh, yes.  Two trailers.  I prefer the second one.  It has my favorite scene from all three books - the point I literally decided staying up all night to finish the second book was the only option.  Can you guess what it is?

Hobbit!  Yes, this is coming out this year too.   This isn't just like the book and I don't care.  What a fun movie!  And what great music!

You probably are thinking I really like going to movies.  I don't.  It is quite rare, but I will be going to the movies above, possibly opening night if I can.  But I'm not all about movies.  Sometimes I'm just in it for fun.  I watched this video with a 3 year old, which made it WAY MORE FUN.

I may have already mentioned this, but you need to add this music to your workout playlist.

Another movie thing, I know.  I seriously am not that into movies!

Look.  Here's a video about God!  And the Hobbit...

And for some random fun.

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