Monday, August 12, 2013

Believing God

Some are tempted to believe God does not exist.  We have no purpose here on this planet.  We are no better than the animals.  These people may be tempted by science to conclude this, even though science cannot prove or disprove God's existence.  I would imagine if you're reading this blog you are not in this category.

So let's say you do believe in God - what's the next best thing we can be tempted with?  I'm not CS Lewis and this blog is no Screwtape Letters, but I have to think if we can't be tempted to disbelieve God's existence altogether, doubting bits and parts would be almost as good.  Surely He didn't mean that, or surely He didn't really to this.  These are just ancient rules or ancient myths - God exists but this all is just made up.  We know better than to believe all that, don't we?

Do we?  Do we know better than to doubt the Eternal Word?  Doubt the God who willed the universe into existence out of nothing?  How can we believe in such a God and yet maintain our own intelligence and reason is enough to grasp His breadth and His depth and His wisdom?  Reason is enough to understand God exists, but is it enough to understand God?

We trust the builders of bridges and houses and airplanes with our lives, even though we do not fully understand their craft.  Why would we not trust God with our lives?

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