Thursday, August 1, 2013

God's Will be done...

I posted about some exams and my future for 2014 here.  You can see there I failed them then.  I took them again this past weekend.  While I performed much better, I still failed.

I consider them to be a success though, as I prayed throughout the exams.  Remembering that God's will should be done and not mine is a far more important task than passing some tests to pursue my goals.

Something happened after the test I did not expect.  On my way out, I felt somewhat compelled to go speak to a man I'd just seen fail.  His wife was still testing.  I'd overheard him say they were both unemployed and had seven kids.  I had no idea why I wanted to talk to him, only that I should.  And the only thing I could think to say when I got there was, "Are you a Christian?'

If you don't know me, you don't know that I would normally have a bit of a longer transition there.  I just didn't know what else to say and out it sprang.  He said yes, and so I told him the quote from the post in June in which I shared my failure with you all.  "God has not called me to be successful; He has called me to be faithful."  We had a lovely and encouraging chat, and both of us were a lot less disheartened by the end of it.

Do not for a moment think I came up with this on my own.  I was far too tired, and honestly disappointed, for my introvert brain to think up a grand plan to go speak with some complete stranger about God.  By the time I got to my car I'd realized that I had prayed for God's will to be done on that day.  In my short-sighted little mind, I'd limited that prayer to the test itself, to the time I was engaged in the activity I thought was important.  God's will was bigger than the few moments of my test.

This is true during every moment of our entire lives.  Our scope is so limited we may only see what is before us, and maybe not even that.  But God sees it ALL.


  1. Amen! I agree that our perception of God's will can be limited. He works beyond the "little" pieces of the puzzle that we see. Thanks for sharing this.