Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oh my legs!

I went for a walk the other night and could not stop thinking about how sore my legs were.  I'd gone to a newbie CrossFit class two days prior and my legs were still a little unhappy with me.  I spent several moments fixated on the sensation in my lower legs.

While that was on my mind, I wasn't doing a good job listening to my friend who was also walking with me.  I tried to focus on her for awhile, and then realized that we weren't paying much attention to the lightning in the distance.*  It was pretty.

I'm sure if the lightning had been closer and we could have heard and felt the loud booms of thunder, we would have been a lot more interested by the lightning.  But since it was far off, we almost ignored it, in spite of its beauty.

Right there on the walk it occurred to me that we do an AWFUL job focusing on anything but what is affecting us right now in this moment.  I'd rather focus on my leg, then my friend, then the incredible display a few miles away.  And oh how often I forget eternity!

Is eternity frequently on our minds?  It is quite literally the most important topic of our lives, shouldn't we think about it a little more often?  I find that it isn't frequently on my mind.  There are other things to do and to think about.  The only "cure" I've found is prayer.  Obviously eternity is on my mind when I pray, but daily prayer puts it on my mind a lot more often.

It seems like my exercise program.  I don't often think of exercise, even though I've identified it as a primary goal in my life.  I schedule exercise, such as this CrossFit class, so that I remember.  I go to class and definitely remember exercise there!  And then after I'm slightly sore which reminds me of exercise.

Eternity is more important than our fitness level, so I suggest we all schedule a little more time in prayer.  I would expect our hearts and minds would then spend a little less time in the here and now and a little more time dwelling on the thought of forever with God.

*Safety note: I am aware if one can see lightning it is more dangerous outside.  There is no excuse for my behavior!  But it did make for a blog post.

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