Friday, October 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes - CrossFit edition

If you came here expecting 7 random things about how better to surrender to God, I apologize.  Those posts are on different days.  This post is all about 7 things I have learned about CrossFit in the whopping two months I've been doing it.

Burpees suck.  They make the rest of the workout look doable in comparison, and every stage of the workout is measured by how many more burpees to go.  Oh sure, you'd think it be easy.  Fall down, get back up.  Getting back up is a lot harder after like the 5th rep, and falling down becomes dangerous if you're so tired you don't control your head and do a literal faceplant.  This is even better if your box (what they call the gym) has that industrial black workout matting that makes it apparent to everyone you either just stopped your body with your chin or the priest on Ash Wednesday missed your forehead by quite a bit.

The first rule of CrossFit is everyone you know must know you are in CrossFit.  I had this impression before I began, and had decided I would not be like that.  Crazy people.  There's no need to randomly drop what gym I go to in everyday conversation.  And yet here I am, blogging about it.  The Kool-Aid comes in multiple flavors, and is hard to ignore.

People, especially on the internet, either LOVE LOVE LOVE CrossFit or HATE HATE HATE CrossFit.  I'm talking the kind of passion normally reserved for political arguments, disagreements over how best to discipline children, and debates regarding what Pope Francis really said in his interviews.  CrossFit is either the best thing ever invented in the HISTORY OF EVAH, or it is the most ridiculously dangerously excessive thing you could do to yourself all while setting a horrid example for your children (who you won't be able to provide for when it kills you).  You will either have a wonderfully fulfilling life or ALL of your muscles will explode at random while working out.

Okay, well, most of the people aren't quite that bad.  But seriously - those with opinions have them.

The people there are ridiculously friendly and learn your name (or try to) immediately.  They're very encouraging, no matter where you are in your fitness level.  There is a standard though and they will correct you if you fail to attain it.   It is a little like how church should be.

I can do more than I think I can.  When I started in August, I could not bring myself to even try a box jump to a 20" height.  I had visions of catching my toes on the edge, banging my shins and knees on the top of the box, and doing a face plant into that lovely black flooring on the opposite side.  I came home that night and taped a ribbon across a door at 20" and then jumped over it several times.  Two classes later, I did my first box jump.

You'd think at that point I'd be good to go, but no, the doubt again interfered and since that day I've been stepping up on the box each time the workout called for box jumps.  This Tuesday, encouraged by another member in my class, I tried again.  Eight box jumps later I was without any scuff marks on my shins or my face!

If you're going to catch a wall ball with your face, turn your head so it doesn't hit your nose.  Laugh like you did it on purpose.

I feel amazing.  The type of amazing that makes you stop weighing yourself and just smile when you feel an actual muscle in your arm.  The type of amazing that makes you not want soda anymore.  The type of amazing that improves posture, health, and self confidence.  I seriously love the results I'm seeing in the mirror, in how I feel, and in how I think about myself and my capacity for challenge.

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  1. I felt the exact same way about box jumps! Good idea with the ribbon. I didn't think of that. I had to screw up my courage 100%!