Friday, October 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes

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In last week's Quick Takes, I focused on things I have learned about CrossFit.  I have not learned seven new things, but wanted to update readers that my original assumptions regarding what it might feel like to tear one's palms while doing pull ups were incorrect.  First, I thought this would not happen with gloves.  But it can!  If the gloves are slightly too big.  Second, I thought I'd be able to tell when it happened.  It hurt pretty much the whole time, so I don't know when it happened.  Third, I had assumed liquid bandage did not A) hurt or B) fall off easily from the hands.  All of these ideas - WRONG.

Fear not, faithful readers.  While I do have pictures, I will not post them here.

I've started my coursework at John Paul the Great Catholic University, beginning with Introduction to Scripture I on a track to get a Certificate of Catholic Theology.  I am really loving the class!  I did forget how much time a college class takes though.  I read a lot!  It helps I can download the lecture to my phone and listen to and from work.

You can do a video course online through this school called Pillars of Catholicism.  That's actually how I found them.

I'm helping out as a sponsor with RCIA this year.  Tomorrow, the lady I'm sponsoring does the Rite of Acceptance.  She's decided she wants to continue the path to becoming Catholic, which is kind of astounding considering who she got stuck with as sponsor.  I feel like I've been slacking!  Pray for her as she continues this journey.

I went hiking last Saturday with a Meetup group.  It was a lot of fun and I met some new people!  This was my view at lunch.

I have found this week I've suddenly become busy enough I make a mess of the kitchen faster than I get it cleaned.  There's no point to this Quick Take, except to say if you're coming over to my house you have been warned.

What do people do to sleep when they workout in the afternoon?  I workout from 4-5 three times a week and cannot go to sleep until midnight or later on those days.

Last weekend I also went to a Pumpkin Patch with a wonderful family and their wonderful three year old.  I have to say it was more fun than the hiking!  I climbed and jumped and played all over everything - a feat I must blame on my recent working out.  That's why I don't mind the torn up hands or the lack of sleep.  I felt ten years younger and able to play!

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